Qube Systems

(including design, production, sales and rentals of our products)

Qube Systems currently forms the bulk of Qube's core business. Qube Systems specialises in Cash Management Solutions and Technologies mainly through financial institutions into retail markets. These avenues are being expanded to include the private sector to a greater degree, further accommodating the rapidly developing Cash-in-Transit business and corporate clients.

Our philosophy is that cash is a product that has specific requirements and challenges for storage, handling, verification and security. A systematic approach to cash management and movement means that the outcomes are clearly formulated from the beginning, with the product and end-users in mind at every step of the way to ensure we deliver integrated solutions.

Qube Systems brings together 16 years of industrial design experience and financial know-how. Our direct design capability means that everything from seed to final product is planned and executed in-house. Designs are drawn up, marketing strategies considered, and prototypes field tested and produced under the watchful eyes of their original architects.